Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Step Three

Step Three: Do it.

You'll have a thousand reasons why you cant but really, what is it that stops you?

Starting what it is you intend to do in your life because you simply love doing it is a true higher purpose to life. Start. Don't worry if you don't know where it's going to lead or you simply don't know how it will happen. The power is in the starting and being relentless in what YOU want to do. Not someone else, not their dreams and aspirations for you, but yours.

Think it.
Say it.
Do it.

That isn't complicated; only WE make it complicated. As very young child we thought about standing up for the first time. The odds were stacked against us but we didn't know that. We thought and believed we would stand up, told everyone we were going to do it probably in words only we understood, and then we did it. And it went on from there.

Don't give up. We're here for a lifetime so it isn't a race, it's a journey,a nd along the path of this journey tehre are many adventures and times we're going to fall over.

Get up. Just likfe you did when you were little and literally fell over. If we'd given in then, we'd still be sitting in the middle of the floor with a sore bum complaining that standing up is too hard.

There's a lot more to come of course. But start it now, if you're serious. If you're not, then just carry on doing what you've always done but remember, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. Only you have the power to changce that choice.

What don't you know that you don't know, that stops you doing the things you really want to do?
Everything you want to know is out here somewhere, you just have to keep asking, and keep looking ....

Monday, June 2, 2008

Step Two

Yesterday I said "Think It".

Step two, straight into it here we don't muck about, is 'Say It.

Tell everyone you know and even people you don't know. People you wouldn't usually speak to, tell them as well what you have chosen your life to be about, what you love to do. And keep telling people, get excited, get them excited, and see who you meet along the way by doing this. Surprisingly people aren't all out to knock you down. In fact, most delight in your joy and success.

Those who don't, stay away from them! You need to be empowered by people who can see the dream and pick up on your commitment to it. And there will be people out there who providence has put there to assist you along the way.

Don't ignore them, take the hint.


1. Think It.
2. Say It.
3. ...... that comes tomorrow!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Three Steps To Take In Three Days

Click Here! to have a quick look at one program that goes into how they start making money in four minutes. At $4.95 for a seven day trial, who knows, but it's less than the price of two coffees where I live!

OK this is very simple and everyone can do it.

This is step 1. I am not going to mess about and give you a big sales pitch, because I'm not selling anything.

1. THINK IT: Think about what it is you love to do. What you loved to do in the past and perhaps gave up for whatever reason. Spend time either while going about your daily whatever or lying in bed at night, thinking about what it is you LOVE to do. I'm talking about the thing that would make you lose sleep the night before because you cant wait to go out and do it, cant wait to get out in the morning and get started.

Think on that really hard, write down a list as long as you like and mark each idea out of ten. What makes your heart skip faster when you think about it? If there isn't anything, that's fine too, i fact it may be even more exciting. It means you can start looking, start trying new things you would never have dreamed of doing before. Remember, do nothing, then nothing happens.

Tomorrow we'll go to step 2 towards having an extraordinary life. You think it's hard to have a life you love? If so you are simply believing what you've been told by people who aren't out there having the life THEY love. It's not you, it's them.
See you tomorrow ....

Here's someone to look back at you while you think about it.

Sometimes to compliment the content of this page I will add a link for you to check out. This is one of those moments :o)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

If you REALLY want a life you love, begin HERE

We travel around the world doing the things we love to do the most and people still ask us, "Why do you travel and perform thes shows to so many people?"

It's a strange question really. If we didn't LOVE what we did, we wouldn't do it. And this is the key. You can read thousands of pages, thousands of books on the subject even, and they all waffle on and on about nothing in particular. If one of these books actually worked for people, then word would get around, everyone would read it and hey presto, everyone would be having the life they love!

It doesn't work like that because everyone is different, so instead of making you read those thousands of pages before I get to the point, I'll do what nobody does, and spill the beans first.

The secret to having a GREAT life, and one you absolutely LOVE, is simple. Discover then do what you LOVE to do - and do it!

It shouldn't need explaining because the concept is simple, but we have so many voices going on in our heads all the time, objecting to everything and telling us so much rubbish about what is and isn't possible that even when the truth hits us straight in the head, we don't hear it.

There will always be a multitude of valid reasons why we don't do what we really want to do in life. Bills, family, location, relationships, circumstances, disabilities and hundreds of more. But think about it. Life can be very hard sometimes, so when it gets hard AND we're doing something we hate doing or at best put up with, we really are in danger of going over the edge.

When we do what we love to do and things happen in life that are hard to take, it is the doing what we love to do that can give us the best chance of getting through these times. And what is life for, if it isn't for doing what we were put here to do?

To say we cant do something clearly doesn't make sense. From birth we make thousands of mistakes in everything we learn to do, and by five years old it truly is a miracle were still here at all. We learn to eat, drink, sit, stand, walk, run, throw, talk, move - and nothing stops us. No one can ever say that's too hard, or you don't want to do that because giving up is never an option. We don't even know what giving up is. We love life and all the challenges it throws at us and we're up for doing ANYTHING.

As we get older outside influences creep in and we actually start believing other people about we can and cant do in life. I know a very successful doctor who has spent a highly lucrative, professional, miserable life doing something he was told he should do as opposed to the thing he really wanted to do.

He wanted to be a vet nurse. He even dreamed of being a vet nurse when he was at his most successful and sought after as a doctor. Mum said he shouldn't, dad said he couldn't, his brother said he was soft and his sister told him he could do much better than that. So, he listened to them, and instead of having a life he loved, he had a life that, while it didn't exactly suck, didn't excite or fulfill him either.

There are surgeons who wanted to be plumbers, carpenters who want to be magicians, poultry farmers who are desperate to be professional singers and there are millions of these people, dealing with the fact they cant be who they really are.

And the sad part is, they made that bit up. The bit about not being able to - all made up. Fiction.

Often it's worse than others telling us we cant or we're not good enough. USUALLY IT'S US! Telling ourselves that because one thing we try doesn't work then nothing will and playing the martyr so everyone can see how unlucky we are. What we sadly miss is the simple truth that whenever we start doing something we love, and are relentless in its pursuit, then Providence has a habit of stepping in and making it work for us. All the things we give up our passion for, like security, position, money, health, these are far more likely to come while doing things we love doing.

So what now? Life coaches listen to what people want out of life and give them the tools and thought processes in order for them to reach their goals. Like any profession there are effective and non effective coaches, just like there are plumbers who know what they're doing, and plumbers who don't!

I put this to you. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. And if you're happy with this, then stay on your current path. If you're not, then you have to do something about it. Only you can do this, even though we are programmed to sit around waiting for the opportunity of a lifetime to land either in our laps or our front doorstep.

This is very unlikely and even if it did land at our feet like that, chances are we wouldn't see it.
  • Write down the things you love to do the most.
  • Write down those things you loved to do when you were a child but gave up when you were older.
  • Look back on what you dreamed you would be as a child and write these down as well. Are some of them still true? You'll be able to tell because your heart will beat that little bit faster when you think about them.
  • From these write down the jobs, vocations, business related to each one and see which one jolts you. You may have to look for a long time but hey, it's your life. Isn't it worth it?
You need total belief in yourself, and because this is not a given unless we're under three years of age, we need to work at it and have people around us who are willing to coach and pull us back when we start to doubt. Self-belief like this perhaps:

After doing this take a really good look at what you're doing now and ask yourself if this is what you want to be doing for the rest of your working life. If it isn't, begin changing it. What will it take? More education, new contacts, new town/city/country? Begin it now.

Also try asking people you know and trust how they see you. I have a great friend who is a painter and decorator, but I have never seen him as this. To me he is and always will be a great artist and musician. In my world that's who he is. Surround yours;ef with people who have faith in who you are, and empower yourself with what they see in you, not in how you see yourself (if this is in any way negative or demeaning.)

Bookmark this page. The information will remain free here because we want to share what we know. Contact us if you have any questions and follow the steps because - what do you have to lose?

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